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Stump grinding usually follows after a tree is removed. It is a fast, environmentally friendly, minimally disruptive effective method for removal of tree stumps and attached roots. Using a high-speed cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth, the stump grinder crushes the stump and roots into small, manageable wood chips. Once the stump and roots have been removed, the hole can be refilled with soil and re-established with grass or plants. This is ideal for most residential areas because a tree stump that is left unattended can be home to pests and insects. Once the tree stump is plagued with these infestations, it can affect nearby trees which can eventually cause damage to your home. In addition, if you choose to leave the stump in your yard, it will decay in time which will make it more unattractive. Moreover, tree stumps can hurt you, especially children in your house because when they play in your yard and fail to see it, they may trip over it and get injured.

Stump removal involves digging even the root system. This usually leaves damage in the surrounding area and is ideal for the foundation and roadworks. This is a large scale job and needs professional attention. Stump grinding, on the other hand, is much cheaper and requires the use of a stump grinder. We will grind the stump until it is 3 to 6 inches below the ground. Stump grinding is ideal if you want to re-plant the area.

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