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Improve the look and usefulness of your property by utilizing Arbor’s industry-leading tree removal services. Our arborists are well equipped with the tools to safely remove trees and stumps of any size without harming the existing landscape.


Our company is fully licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind knowing your valuable landscape is completely safe while we work on it. We’ll clean up any mess created, take measures to protect the area, and leave your neighbors green-with-envy.



Stump grinding is a fast, environmentally friendly, minimally disruptive effective method for removal of tree stumps and attached roots. Using a high-speed cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth, the stump grinder crushes the stump and roots into small, manageable wood chips. Once the stump and roots have been removed, the hole can be refilled with soil and re-established with grass or plants.




Tree trimming is an essential aspect of tree care. Sadly, some homeowners disregard this area of tree maintenance that is why they are left with unsymmetrical and unhealthy trees. Trimming is important because it gets rid of dead branches and limbs that make the tree unattractive and hazardous. If trees are not trimmed, the growth of the tree may be stunted. 



Tree  removal is difficult and dangerous without the proper equipment and training.  Our expert staff will take care of any unwanted tree trunks. We’ll gladly reduce your tree into small wood chips, making for convenient bagging or relocation.

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When you are affected by a storm and your tree is damaged, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the task of clearing your property of any tree debris.

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