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We are based out of St Thomas, Ontario and we service London, and all surrounding areas for tree maintenance areas including tree trimming, stump removal and storm cleanup. Our Certified Arborist's use the highest level of safety and productivity. We specialize in dangerous and undesirable tree removal, and 24 HOUR emergency tree removal. We take trees down in urban settings, as well as rural settings. Trees leaning over houses, near power lines, small spaces, beside or overhanging pools, or over garages. We also provide pruning, hedging and many other tree maintenance services. There is no job too big or too small.  We specialize in removing trees and stumps from difficult-to-remove areas as well as implementing landscaping plans. 

You don’t have to look for individual services for your different needs because we can provide them all for you. Our team of certified arborists and tree experts are well-trained in the science and art of tree care. We employ the latest climbing and cutting methods to ensure that we keep up with the new developments in the field. We value safety when we take on a project that is why we ensure a license and insurance document to protect our clients. These two documents are important to keep you from any legal and financial liabilities in case an accident happens while we work in your property. You have to be aware that most homeowner’s insurance policy will deny you of any damage claims if they found out that failure to maintain your tree is the reason for the damage. Regardless of the scope of your tree needs, we will be able to handle it for you in an efficient and safe way.

We employ top-of-the-class equipment to finish all of you needs. Our state of the art Equipment is used for all of your integral part of tree care. We use only the best stump grinders, wood chippers, and trucks in making sure that we provide you with efficient and proper tree care service. Always consider the tree company’s equipment before hiring them. Find out if they maintain the condition of what they use in the job because this is also a measure of the company’s professionalism. Just imagine how they will handle your tree care needs if they can’t keep their own equipment neat and in top condition. Hire a company who gives importance to this aspect of your tree care needs.

Our service is not exclusive for residential areas but also for commercial properties. Regardless of the type of property you have, you can be assured that we will take care of it equally. From the simple tree trimming to land clearing, Arbor One can offer it to you. We can provide you with free and fast written estimates to help you compare with other tree companies of your choice.

Our promise is to provide you with the best tree care service at an affordable price.

Whether you need to clear an entire lot or you just need to give your trees a little extra care, Arbor One can help you safely and professionally.


We're Professional. We make a point of having open communication with all of our customers to ensure they're happy.  We take pride in our work and the name we've built. Our end goal is to remove your tree(s) safely, and efficiently with no damage to your property. Proof of Insurance is always readily available. 


* Fully Registered, Insured and Licensed, certified Arborist! 

* We utilize appropriate gear and equipment for each job, evaluated safety and efficiency for each job. Whether that means using a boom lift, climbing, rope rigging, or straight felling. 

* Commercial & Residential welcome!

* No job is too big or too small! 


Tree preservation is our main goal as a company. While we do handle all forms of tree removal, we do this as a last resort if possible. Arbor 1 offers tree planting as a way to promote the healthy growth of our environment.

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